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Portugal Regulatory Authority for the Media (Entidade Reguladora para a Comunicação Social) 2019 ERC/2019/189(CONTJOR-NET) Religion Muslims The Regulatory Authority for the Media received a complaint arguing that a media piece published in a national newspaper linked Islamic religion to terrorism, providing incorrect information and ignoring the terrorist cases perpetrated by non-Islamic groups. View more
Portugal Guimarães Court of Appeal 2018 Portugal / Guimarães Court of Appeal/Case 1132/15.6JABRG.G1 Migrant status, Religion Refugees & asylum seekers A case about hate speech on Facebook leading to incitement to hatred. On 10 September 2015, in the context of the imminent arrival of Syrian refugees to Portugal, the defendant posted a video on his personal open Facebook page, with the following title “Be careful, bin Laden's cousin Mohammed in the area… beware”. The defendant was dressed in a long beige tunic, displaying an object resembling a machine gun, and stated: “Hello Portuguese people. I am the first Syrian to arrive to Portugal… View more
Portugal Portuguese Data Protection Authority 2017 Portugal / Portuguese Data Protection Authority / Opinion 21/2017 Race/Ethnicity, Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Nationality, Gender, Migrant status Muslims, Migrants, Refugees & asylum seekers, EU citizens & nationals with migrant background, Third country nationals, Foreigners, Black people or of African origin, Other religious groups The Parliament introduced amendments to the national laws regulating the principle of equal treatment and the prohibition of discrimination. The new Law seeks to systematise legislation on discrimination, introduces references to multiple discrimination and discrimination by association, strengthens the composition and tasks of the Commission for Equality and against Racial Discrimination, and introduces mediation as an alternative dispute resolution mechanism (with the consent of the parties… View more
Portugal Supreme Court of Justice 2012 Portugal / Supreme Court of Justice / Case no. 48/12.2YREVR.S1 Race/Ethnicity, Nationality, Religion Muslims, Migrants, Third country nationals, Foreigners, Black people or of African origin A German citizen was sentenced in Germany to 2 years and 9 months in prison for turmoil against segments of the population, including racism, xenophobia and insult to religious communities. The Portuguese Supreme Court of Justice decided about the execution of a European Arrest Warrant issued by a German Court which concerned a conviction relating to Holocaust denial. This conduct is defined in Article 240 (2) (b) of the Portuguese Penal Code as a denial of a crime against humanity. The court… View more
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