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United Kingdom The Central Criminal Court (Crown Court) 2013 United Kingdom / Central Criminal Court (Crown Court)/ Judgement / The Queen v. Pavlo Lapshyn Religion Muslims Pavlo Lapshyn, a 24 year old Ukrainian engineering student on a working visa, was sentenced to minimum 40 years in prison for a murder and racially aggravated crimes. Just days after he arrived in the United Kingdom he stabbed Mohammed Saleem, 81, to death. He had also been planning a series of explosions at mosques in the United Kingdom. Within a period of less than two months he planted and detonated three improvised explosive devices in the vicinity of three mosques in Walsall, Wolverhampton… View more
United Kingdom Bexley Magistrates Court 2013 United Kingdom / Bexley Magistrates Court Religion Muslims <p>On 29 June 2013, Tracey Davies, 46, started shouting racist remarks at a 55-year-old Somali woman who was wearing a burka whilst out shopping with her daughter in Woolwich town centre. Davies then hit the victim and punched her numerous times. &nbsp;</p> View more
United Kingdom England and Wales Court of Appeal 2015 United Kingdom / / R v. O'Leary [2015] EWCA Crim 1306 Race Muslims Over the course of one evening the appellant repeatedly intimidated two victims causing them physical injuries and psychological harm. During one attack, while brandishing a knife, the appellant told his victim that he wanted to kill a Muslim. The appellant was convicted of unlawful wounding but not racially aggravated unlawful wounding. In his sentencing however, the trial judge made specific reference to the significant psychological harm caused to the victim due to the racial nature of the… View more
United Kingdom England and Wales Court of Appeal 2015 United Kingdom / [2015] EWCA Crim 1414 / R v. Cooke (Steven) Religion Muslims The appellant, a member of the far-right English Defence League (EDL) who oppose the “Islamification” of England, pleaded guilty to an offence of violent disorder after taking part in a serious episode of public disorder. During a demonstration, EDL members chanted racist and anti-Muslim chants, burnt flags and committed serious violence towards the police and counter United Against Fascism demonstrators, who were mainly young people of Asian origin. The judge found a religiously aggravated… View more
United Kingdom Employment Tribunal 2015 United Kingdom / Employment Tribunals / Case no. 3400174/2013 / Tirkey v Chandok and another Religion, Ethnic origin Migrants The Court found that the Claimant was a victim of harassment on grounds of her race and indirect discrimination on grounds of her religion. She was an Indian national employed by the Respondent as a live-in domestic worker between 2008 and 2012 after being recruited in India. In 2012, the Claimant resigned following fundamental breaches of her employment contract, including 18 hours a day, seven days a week, paid extremely low wages (as low as 11p an hour), without a bed or private space etc.… View more
United Kingdom England and Wales High Court 2016 United Kingdom / England and Wales High Court / EWHC 464 (Admin) / Henderson v. Crown Prosecution Service Race, Religion Muslims, Migrants, Refugees & asylum seekers, EU citizens & nationals with migrant background, Third country nationals, Foreigners, Black people or of African origin, Other religious groups The appellant had been convicted for three offences of harassment and for three offences of racially aggravated harassment. Both sets of convictions concerned the same victims and arose from the same facts but the two offences had been characterised as alternatives. Despite having been found guilty of the underlying offences the court imposed no separate penalty for them. View more
United Kingdom England and Wales Court of Appeal 2016 United Kingdom / Attorney General's Reference (Nos 143 and 144 of 2015) EWCA Crim 21 Religion Muslims Two offenders pleaded guilty to offences of religiously aggravated intentional harassment, alarm or distress and received suspended sentences with rehabilitation activity requirements. Whilst intoxicated in a park the offenders had verbally abused a Muslim family whilst they prayed with statements such as, “If those Muslim c*nts start to pray, I’m going to p*ss in front of them. They better face north or they’re not real Muslims.” They then proceeded to urinate within two metres of the family… View more
United Kingdom United Kingdom Supreme Court 2016 United Kingdom / Joint appeals of Taiwo (Appellant) v. Olaigbe and another (Respondents) and Onu (Appellant) v. Akwiwu and another (Respondents) [2016] UKSC 31 Nationality, Race Migrants The two appellants, Ms Taiwo and Ms Omu, are both Nigerian nationals who came to work in the UK on domestic work visas. They were both forced to work excessive hours and severely mistreated by their employers, including being starved and physically and mentally abused. Both appellants claimed to have been discriminated against owing to their immigration status. View more
United Kingdom United Kingdom Supreme Court 2016 United Kingdom / (Court of Appeal) Onu v. Akiwu and another

[2014] EWCA Civ 279
Nationality Migrants, Black people or of African origin The claimants were Nigerian women who came to the United Kingdom on migrant domestic worker visas to work as domestic servants. They were treated badly by their employers, many of their employment rights were denied and they were subjected to abuse and exploitation. They brought proceedings in the Employment Tribunal for, among others, racial discrimination, harassment and victimisation. The issue for the Court of Appeal was whether discrimination against an employee because he or she is a… View more
United Kingdom Blackfriars Crown Court 2017 United Kingdon / R v Pelham Case no. U20170377/T20170114 … Religion Muslims The defendant posted a number of hateful posts of Facebook including comments such as, ‘what this country needs is a bomb a mosque day’ and ‘we must burn mosques to the ground’. View more
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