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The National Police (Rigspolitiet), Hadforbrydelser i 2016 - Rigspolitiets årsrapport vedrørende hadforbrydelser (Hate Crimes in 2016 - The National Polices' annual report on hate crimes)

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Not applicable - national level

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Public authority


Denmark, The National Police (Rigspolitiet)

Main Thematic Focus

Hate crime

Target Population

General population Ethnic minorities Religious minorities Muslims

Key findings

Every year the Danish National Police publishes an annual report that contains an overview of the numbers regarding registered hate crimes in the previous year. In 2016 the National Police found that 274 cased could be registered as hate crimes and was therefore an increase in hate crimes cases compared with the previous year - more specific a 38 percent increase.

Of these 274 cases, 140 were racially motivated and 88 cases were religiously motivated. In 56 of the 88 religiously motivated cases, Muslim/Islam was targeted.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

Collection of all cases who can have a hint of hate crime as a motive and then a closer examination of each case to determine whether it was motivated by a hate crime or not and if confirmed then categorised in one of the categories (race, religion, sex, etc).

Sample details and representativeness

796 cases collected
274 cases could then be deemed to have an element of hate crime in the perpetrators initial motivation
56 cases were motivated by Islam/Muslims
140 cases were motivated by ethnicity, race or skin colour

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