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Rauta, J. (2018), Poliisin tietoon tullut viharikollisuus Suomessa 2017 (Suspected hate crimes reported to the police in Finland in 2017), Poliisiammattikorkeakoulun raportteja 131, Tampere, Poliisiammattikorkeakoulu (The Police College of Finland).

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Geographical coverage


Area/location of interest

Not applicable - national level

Type of Institution

Public authority


Finland, The Police College of Finland, Poliisiammattikorkeakoulu

Main Thematic Focus

Hate crime Incitement to hatred or violence

Target Population

General population

Key findings

The report shows that in 2017 the police filed 1,165 reports of suspected hate crime offences, an increase of 8 % compared to the previous year. The most common motives behind the suspected hate crimes were ethnic or national origin (69.8 %) and religious background (20.2 %). Reports of hate crime offences based on religion or belief increased 58 % compared to 2016. Muslims continue to be the most common targets of the suspected hate crimes, in fact the number of cases increased from 68 to 153 reported incidents. The most common location for suspected crimes based on religion or belief was the internet, an increase of 254 % from the previous year.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)

The statistics are based on crime reports retrieved from the National Police Information System using hate crimes related search terms. All identified reports are read and classified based on the information found in the reports. For example, a case is considered a hate crime, when the victim, the police or witness has expressed a suspision of a hate motive behind the crime.

Sample details and representativeness

1,165 suspected hate crimes retrieved from the National Police Information System

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