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All Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims (2018), Report on the inquiry into a working definition of Islamophobia / anti-Muslim hatred

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UK, All Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims

Main Thematic Focus

Hate crime Incitement to hatred or violence

Target Population

Muslims Religious minorities

Key findings

The report established a working definition of Islamophobia based on the following:
• Examination of the existing academic literature in the area separating it into: Islamophobia in the media; online Islamophobia;
Gendered Islamophobia; and Islamophobia in employment.
• Mapping of the various definitions of Islamophobia over the last 20 years.
• A survey of victims of Islamophobic incidents.
• Community consultation exercises held with: police officers, academics, community activists, students and young persons, councillors and local Members of Parliament, members of the public, and victims of Islamophobia.

Methodology (Qualitative/Quantitative and exact type used, questionnaires etc)


Literature review, questionnaires and focus groups.

Sample details and representativeness

Precise information not publically available.

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