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Kvinder med tørklæde - ti kvinders erfaringer med arbejdsmarkedet' (Women who wear hijab - ten women's experiences with the labour market), The Danish Institute for Human Rights

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Denmark, The Danish Institute for Human Rights

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Key findings

The report focus on women who wear hijab and their access to the labour market. It is examined how wearing the hijab, and thus signaling religious beliefs, affects the employment opportunities of young ethnic minority women who speak fluent Danish and are well educated. The women interviewed to this report have felt discriminated against or have felt harrassed during a job interview or in the workplace. Further, they have experienced that prejudices against Muslim women were a relevant factor in situations where they were not considered for a specific job.

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Interviews (qualitative)

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The report is based on ten interviews with well-educated and qualified ethnic minority women who wear hijab in order to examine their considerations when applying for a job.

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