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Law no. 254/2013 on the execution of sentences (Hotărâre Nr. 157/2016 din 10 martie 2016 pentru aprobarea Regulamentului de aplicare a Legii nr. 254/2013 privind executarea pedepselor şi a măsurilor privative de libertate dispuse de organele judiciare în cursul procesului penal)It varies depending on the different regimes as it follows: For maximum security – 1 hour/day outdoors. For closed regime – 3 hours/day outdoors. For semi-open – all day indoors and 3 hours/day outdoors. For open – all day. For pre-trial detainees the time outside is the same as for these in closed regime. All prisons and police lock-ups have libraries. The outdoors spaces usually have no facilities for sports.


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