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Bulgaria Sofia Regional Court (Софийски районен съд) 2014 Bulgaria / Sofia Regional Court / Decision of 19 November 2014 on administrative case no. 7631 of 2014 Nationality Refugees & asylum seekers The political party Ataka (Атака) was sanctioned with a fine of BGN 3,000 (approximately €1,500) for inciting intolerance against refugees. The reason for the sanction was a talk show broadcasted on the party’s TV channel Alpha (Алфа), during which the host of the show, at the time also a member of parliament, described refugees as ‘serial killers’, ‘cannibals’ and ‘disgusting, seedy primates’, who had ‘already started stealing, beating’ and would ‘soon start raping and cutting people’s heads… View more
Bulgaria European Court of Human Rights, ECHR 2014 ECtHR / No. 26827/08 / Judgement / Abdu v. Bulgaria Race Migrants The applicant and one of his friends, both Sudanese nationals, had been involved in a fight with two Bulgarian youths. During the fight the applicant was slightly injured. He alleged that his attackers, two skinheads, had assaulted him on racist grounds. The police conducted an investigation but were unable to ascertain who had started the fight or whether the assault was racially motivated. Their focus though was on establishing the violent acts and not on eventual racial motivation.… View more
Bulgaria Burgas Regional Court (Бургаски районен съд) 2014 Bulgaria / Burgas Regional Court / Decision no. 1429 of 28 July 2014 on administrative penal case no. 2455/2014 Nationality Muslims The court repealed a fine of BGN 3,000 (approximately €1,500), imposed on the TV channel SKAT (СКАТ) for incitement to intolerance against ethnic Turks. The sanction was originally imposed for the broadcasting of a TV show, in which the participants argued that the Turks were planning to conquer Bulgaria and annihilate the Bulgarian population. The host of the show referred to the Turks as a 'barbarian nation', which had conquered Bulgarian lands by 'beheadings, murders and… View more
Bulgaria European Court of Human Rights, ECHR 2015 ECtHR / Application no. 30587/13 / Judgement / Karaahmed v. Bulgaria Religion Muslims Members of a far right party held a demonstration against Friday prayer sounds being broadcast from a mosque through loudspeakers. Muslim worshippers were insulted and attacked. Karaahmed, a Muslim, was nearby when this incident took place and argued that he suffered psychological harm as a result of the demonstration. The European Court of Human Rights [ECtHR] found a violation of Article 9 (freedom of thought, conscience and religion) because the Bulgarian authorities failed to balance the… View more
Bulgaria Supreme Court of Cassation (Върховен касационен съд) 2016 Bulgaria / Supreme Court of Cassation / Decision no. 71 of 28 July 2016 on criminal case no. 123/2016 Religion Other religious groups, Muslims The case is about 13 Muslims charged with incitement to hatred and participation in an organisation preaching antidemocratic ideology (the Salafi movement within Islam). The first and second instance courts on the case, the Pazardzhik District Court (PDC), and the Plovdiv Court of Appeal (PCA) respectively, convicted the defendants. One of them had to serve a prison sentence, two others received suspended sentences and the rest fines. View more
Bulgaria Commission for Protection against Discrimination (Комисия за защита от дискриминация) 2018 Bulgaria / Commission for Protection against Discrimination / Decision No 170 of 23 April 2018 on case file No 38/2016 Religion Muslims The case concerns harassment on the grounds of religion. The defendant (K.F.) was found guilty of harassment on the grounds of religion for posting online an interactive map showing the ‘invasion of hordes of orcs of Islam in Europe’. The map, based on UNHCR data, was showing the ‘exact number of terrorists’ each European country had received between 2012 and 2015. View more
Bulgaria Supreme Administrative Court (Върховен административен съд) 2020 Bulgaria / Supreme Administrative Court / Decision No 896 of 21 January 2020 on administrative case No 1934/2019 Religion Muslims The case concerns harassment on the grounds of religion and disability. The defendant was found guilty of verbally and physically attacking one of his employees in the presence of two of their colleagues. The victim, a Muslim man suffering from diabetes, was called ‘scumbag’ ‘nasty Turk’ and ‘dirty Gypsy’, and was hit several times on the head and body. For the facts of the case see  Administrative Court of Lovech / Decision No 152 of 5 December 2018 on administrative case No 264/2018 (https://… View more
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