FRA Structure

FRA organisation chart ENThe Management Board consists of independent experts, one appointed by each Member State, two European Commission representatives and one independent expert appointed by the Council of Europe. The Management Board is responsible for defining the agency’s work priorities, approving its budget and monitoring its work.

The Executive Board is composed of the Chairperson and the Vice-Chairperson of the Management Board, two other members of the Management Board and one of the representatives of the European Commission. The Executive Board prepares the decisions of the Management Board and advises the Director.

The Scientific Committee consists of 11 highly qualified independent people who guarantee the scientific quality of the FRA's work.


FRA is headed by the Director who is supported by the Director's Office. The Director's Office guides and manages FRA, ensuring that its objectives and related tasks are achieved efficiently and effectively and in accordance with the direction given by the Management Board.

In addition to the Director's Office, the FRA departments are:

  • Freedoms and Justice Department, which focuses on access to justice; asylum, migration and borders; and information society, privacy and data protection.
  • Equality and Citizens' Rights Department, which focuses on equality and non-discrimination; racism; and the rights of the child.
  • Fundamental Rights Promotion Department, which supports FRA in its role of providing evidence-based advice through consultation, communication and cooperation activities.
  • Corporate Services Department, which supports the operational work of the Agency.