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European Day for Border Guards

On 24 May, FRA attended the European Day for Border Guards 2016, the main event in Europe for border guards, organised by Frontex every year.

New challenges in countering homophobia

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a conference on ‘The new challenges to counter homophobia’ in Rome on 20 May on the fundamental rights of LGBTI people.

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TheIrishTimes: While much of the agency’s role is to highlight the human rights dimension of various pieces of EU legislation, one of O’Flaherty’s main aims is to increase awareness of the EU’s Charter for Fundamental Rights. The charter, which underpins EU law, applies to all EU institutions as well as member states when they are acting in an area of EU competency. Michael O’Flaherty, directeur EU-bureau voor grondrechten Er wordt te weinig aangifte gedaan én er is onvoldoende aandacht bij de rechter voor hatecrime – misdrijven die worden gepleegd vanuit een vooroordeel, zo zegt de expert.