Multi-Annual Roma Programme Local engagement

Activity status: Ongoing

Start of activity: 2013


The project involves the collection of qualitative data and information through the active involvement of members of local communities – Roma and non-Roma – and local authorities.


This project enables local communities to collect data and shape programmes designed to improve their socio-economic situation and living conditions. It increases our understanding of the situation Roma communities find themselves in and makes it possible to examine and develop ways of improving the design, implementation and monitoring of Roma integration policies and activities at the local level. Statistical data provide essential information, but qualitative in-depth fieldwork research is necessary to better understand the complex interaction of different factors that affect social exclusion processes. The European Commission’s Roma Task Force has identified specific weaknesses in the implementation of Roma integration policies and action plans and the use of EU funds, particularly at the local level. The shortcomings included a lack of know-how and administrative capacity at the local level; a lack of reliable data and effective monitoring tools to measure progress; and the lack of meaningful involvement by Roma themselves. The project investigates these deficiencies and the best way of supporting efforts to overcome them.


The research makes use of participatory action research methods. This allows participants to engage directly in the collection and interpretation of data. It also enables those taking part to participate in shaping and monitoring local Roma integration policies and activities. The knowledge and experience gained helps contribute to the capacity of decision makers – particularly at the local level, but also at the national and European levels – to plan and carry out effective and targeted policies that will lead to measurable improvements for Roma.

Contact: Sheena Keller, Activity manager


Local Engagement for Roma Inclusion (LERI) project information

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