Anti-Muslim and anti-migrant thematic database


This database provides an overview of hate crime, hate speech and discrimination against Muslims and migrants in the EU from 2012 to 2017. It offers insights into national and European level case law, as well as evidence from national research and international reports. In addition, it also contains selected statistics and map-based information to help victims reach relevant support organisations.


Over the past years policy makers and civil society organisations have been concerned about the prevalence and frequency of incidents targeting immigrants and Muslims in many EU Member States. These incidents range from insults to violence. Many of those affected by such hatred arrived recently in the EU. FRA periodically surveys migrants and ethnic minorities collecting data on their experiences of discrimination and hate crime. This database complements existing information by expanding the evidence base available to help policy makers develop more effective responses.


The project began in 2017. It collected data and information from 2012 to 2017 on hate crime, hate speech and discrimination against Muslims and migrants in the EU for an online database. This is the first time national case law which is often hard to find and access, is presented in a user-friendly online database. It includes the courts' reasoning, findings and considerations, as well as key facts for each case. The project complements related work carried out by UN bodies and the Council of Europe, in particular initiatives by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Right, such as the Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Information System (TANDIS), ODIHR’s online hate crime reporting system.


The database is currently available in 'beta version’ only to selected stakeholders. The public version will be online during 2018. It will allow users to select and filter results by country, year, thematic area, target group, and numerous other variables to obtain rapid access to the wealth of information provided.