Forced return monitoring systems

The EU Return Directive (2008/115/EC) in Article 8 (6) introduced an important fundamental rights safeguard for third-country nationals ordered to leave the EU because they do not or no longer fulfil the conditions for entry and/or stay. According to it, Member States must provide for an effective forced-return monitoring system. Four years after Member States were required to transpose the Return Directive into national law, FRA looked at the current state of play regarding forced return monitoring in the 28 EU Member States.

Among the 26 EU Member States bound by the directive (Ireland and the United Kingdom are not bound by it), in 2015 four states had no operational systems yet, either because the monitoring body has yet to be appointed or has not monitored a concrete return operation, or because the monitoring system is ad hoc and does not cover the whole country. In two Member States the monitoring mechanism is implemented by an agency belonging to the branch of government responsible for return and thus not sufficiently independent to qualify as effective.

The overview available in the table below will be regularly updated by FRA.

Forced return monitoring systems – State of play in 28 EU Member States
Legal source providing
for monitoring forced return
Organisation responsible
for monitoring forced return
No. of monit-
oring opera-tions
on board
of flights?
Flights with monitors on board No. of staff who worked as monitors Public
report issued in 2015
2015 2014 2015
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Information not applicable

Source: FRA. Information last updated on 11 April 2016

Operational means that a monitoring entity has been appointed and has carried out some monitoring activities up to 31 December 2015. In Slovenia the system became operational in October and no return operations were carried out within 2015.
No. of monitoring operations excludes Dublin transfers.
* Ireland and the United Kingdom are not bound by the Return Directive.
(✔) (✘) In Austria, only the Austrian Ombudsman Board issues a public report. In Germany, the return monitoring system covers only parts of the country; a public report is available only for Frankfurt airport.

 In Slovakia and Sweden, monitoring is implemented by an agency belonging to the branch of government responsible for return. Thus it is not sufficiently independent to qualify as ‘effective’ under Article 8 (6) of the Return Directive. Therefore, the other fields have not been completed.

Forced return monitoring systems – State of play in 28 EU Member States (updated 26/4/2016)

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