Through its internship scheme, the FRA benefits from the input of young enthusiastic graduates, who can give a fresh point of view and up-to-date academic knowledge, which will enhance the everyday work of the FRA.

 A call for applications for the next Internship period September 2015 – August 2016 will be published at the end of January 2015.

The aims of the internship at the FRA are:

  • To provide interns an understanding of the objectives and activities of the Agency’s role in ensuring full respect for fundamental rights across the EU.
  • To enable interns to acquire practical experience and knowledge of the day-to-day work of FRA Departments and sectors. To provide the opportunity to work in a multi-cultural, multi linguistic and multi-ethnic environment, contributing to the development of mutual understanding, trust and tolerance. To promote European integration within the spirit of new governance and through active participation to create awareness of true European citizenship.
  • To enable interns to put into practice knowledge acquired during their studies, and in particular in their specific areas of competence. To introduce these graduates to the professional world and the constraints, duties and opportunities therein.
  • To allow interns to contribute to the Agency’s mission in helping to make fundamental rights a reality for everyone in the EU.

Internships are offered to graduates who have completed at least the first cycle of a higher education course (i.e. university education) and obtained a full degree or its equivalent no longer than 18 months by the closing date for applications.

Interns are selected from nationals of the Member States of the European Union and EU candidate and potential candidate countries.

Internship programmes are offered in the following FRA departments. The description of activities in each department can be found via the links below:

Successful candidates will have a background that is relevant to the activities of the Agency, such as human rights; law; social and/or political sciences; international relations; communications and public relations. Candidates with a background in human resources, finance and procurement, project management, information technology and online communications can also apply.

Interns are requested to have a very good knowledge of English and another EU language.

For detailed information about the eligibility criteria as well as the rights and duties of the trainees please consult our Rules governing internship programme at the FRA and the Frequently Asked Questions. We recommend that you read them carefully before submitting your application.


Rules governing internship programme at the FRA - Decision ref: HRP/005/2014

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Privacy Statement - Internship

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FAQ - FRA Internship Programme - 2014/2015

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Privacy statement in relation to recruitment

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Privacy Statement - Health data

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