NHRIs enhancing the EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter’s implementation

Joint event
FRA will host the closing conference of its EEA and Norway Grants-funded regional cooperation project ‘Supporting National Human Rights Institutions in monitoring fundamental rights and the fundamental rights aspects of the rule of law’. The event takes place in Brussels from 21 to 22 February.

It aims to raise awareness and improve understanding of NHRIs’ role in enhancing the application of the EU Charter at national level.

Participants will have the chance to meet and network across beneficiary states of the EEA and Norway Grants, and with other EU countries. This should foster international cooperation and common approaches to implementing the Charter. It will also be an opportunity to showcase project results and learn from good practices so that they can be picked up across countries and followed up in the respective countries.

The conference will gather leaders from NHRIs, civil society organisations, government officials, representatives from the EU institutions, as well as international organisations.

The follow-up meeting of partners after the conference will draw lessons learned from the project and consider elements of sustainability to be followed up in the future.

The closing conference will also issue project conclusions calling on Member States and the European Commission to further strengthen NHRIs within the EU framework. In the project, NHRIs in Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia and ENNHRI, developed and implemented activities to promote the Chater’s application nationally.

This supports the implementation of the EU Strategy to strengthen the application of the Charter.