Victim Support Services in the EU: An overview and assessment of victims' rights in practice


The project will provide Member States with concrete examples of different practices in the area of victim support – based on an analysis of what currently exists at Member State level. It is the first independent overview of victim support services in the EU. It will review current practices and gaps at the national and regional level. This will lead to an overview of different models of victim support from which ‘promising practices’ can be highlighted as a basis for further development and enhancement of victim support.


The project follows a request from the European Commission in 2010 to assist their work on improving legislation and provisions for victims of crime, as linked with the Victims’ Roadmap. It is hoped that the project results will assist decision making at EU and Member State level, also through the identification of promising practices.


Based on desk research and some qualitative interviews to confirm the research findings, the project has collected summary overviews of victim support systems from each Member State. This is being followed up with more detailed data collection on and analysis of existing systems and services –including details about support services offered by both states and NGOs. Alongside a general overview of victim support services, the research will identify promising practices with respect to victim services, including some examples from specific victim support services. From here, selected ‘models’ of victim support services will be presented.


  • A main report (research being finalised in 2013/2014. Report to be available in 2nd half of 2014)
  • Factsheets