Perceptions of discrimination and Islamophobia

The Report "Muslims in the European Union: Discrimination and Islamophobia" is accompanied by a study on "Perceptions of discrimination and Islamophobia", which is based on in-depth interviews with members of Muslim communities in ten EU Member States. This study provides a snapshot of the opinions, feelings, fears, frustrations, and also the hopes for the future shared by many Muslims in the EU.

The Fight against Antisemitism and Islamophobia: Bringing Communities together - A Summary of three Round Table Meetings

Report - thematic
Concern about the reported rise in Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Europe following the September 11 terrorist attacks against the US, led the Agency together with the European Commission to organise a series of Round Tables on these themes.

Reports on Anti-Islamic reactions within the European Union after the acts of terror against the USA

Following the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, the Agency asked its National Focal Points for a series of country reports on potential anti-Islamic reactions in the then 15 EU Member States. Key findings are summarised in a synthesis report on "Islamophobia in the EU after September 11".
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