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19 October 2022

Our data is your ally

Young? Passionate about human rights? Having the right data can make a world of difference for your campaigning.

The EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s (FRA) extensive research offers reliable and comparable data on the experiences of young people across the EU. FRA has all the stats you need to tell your story - from young Jews, Roma and Black people to young LGBTI people or women. Dive in and use our data as your ally to change hearts, minds and ultimately policy.


Young? Passionate about human rights?

If you’re serious about changing the world, then remember: Knowledge. Is. Power.

And evidence is the best platform for change.

Whoever you are, Whoever you’re working to help, data can help you super-charge your campaigning.

And the EU Fundamental Rights Agency’s extensive research is the perfect place to start. We’ve got all the data you need to tell a story which changes hearts, minds… and ultimately policy.

And our human rights data help you target your efforts where they’re needed most.

There’s so much to be done, and with the right tools, you can make a world of difference. And ours are just a click away.

When it comes to human rights, getting informed has never been more important.

And our data is your ally. Who knows where it will take you?

Dive in today, at