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Crime, safety and victims' rights – Fundamental Rights Survey

This is the second main report from FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey, which collected data from 35,000 people on a range of issues. This report focuses on respondents’ experiences as victims of selected types of crime, including violence, harassment, and property crime. The report also examines how often these crimes are reported to the police, and presents further details relating to harassment and violence, such as the perpetrators and where the incidents took place.

In addition, the report discusses how concerned people are about experiencing crime, and if they have adopted measures in response to perceived risk of assault or harassment to avoid situations where such incidents could occur. The report also looks at how willing people would be to intervene, report to the police or, if asked, give evidence in court in three hypothetical scenarios: physical violence between partners, physical violence against a child, and a crime against the environment.

The results presented offer the first EU-wide crime survey data on the general population’s experiences of crime victimisation that can be used to inform EU and national policy and legislation on crime victims.

In this report:

  1. Key findings and FRA opinions
  2. Experiences of violence
    • Extent and forms of violence
    • Context of most recent incident of violence
    • Consequences of the most recent incident of violence
  3. Experiences of harassment
    • Extent and forms of harassment
    • Context of the most recent incident of harassment
  4. Property crime - Experiences of burglary and fraud
    • Burglary
    • Misuse of online bank account or payment cards
    • Consumer fraud - online and offline
  5. Reporting crime victimisation experiences
    • Reporting experiences of violence
    • Reporting experiences of harassment
    • Reporting property crime
  6. Willingness to take action as a witness of crime
  7. Worry about crime and risk avoidance
    • Worry about crime
    • Risk avoidance
FRA opinions


Findings Q&A

This is an overview of the main findings from the ‘Crime, safety and victims’ rights’ report drawn from FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey. It is the first comprehensive, EU-wide survey of people’s experiences and views on crime victimisation.

See our methodology Q&A for more information on how FRA carried out the survey.


Methodology Q&A

The ‘Crime, safety and victims’ rights’ report draws on the results of FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey. This is a brief overview of how FRA carried out the survey. More details will be available in the upcoming Technical Report.

The Fundamental Rights Survey is the first comprehensive, EU-wide survey of people’s experiences and views on fundamental rights, including their experiences of crime victimisation.

See our main findings Q&A for more information on the survey results.