Toolkit for joining up fundamental rights Clarity interactive tool

The Clarity interactive tool allows you to find the right organisation to help you with your fundamental rights problem.
The tool allows users to easily access information on non-judicial bodies dealing with their particular fundamental rights issue(s) in a given EU Member State.


Toolkit for joining up fundamental rights Joining up fundamental rights

This toolkit is for public officials working at all levels of government to help them implement fundamental rights standards in their daily work.
It contains examples, tips and lessons learned, checklists for self-assessment, and online resources about joined-up human rights initiatives by national and local government, international organisations, and NGOs.


Charter 4 mobile EU Charter app

A fundamental rights one-stop-shop for mobile devices.
This app for Apple and Android mobile devices provides easy access to the full text of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in all languages. It also provides legal explanations of the Charter articles, related international and EU law, and European Court of Justice (ECJ) and a selection of European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) and national case law that refers directly to one of the Charter Articles.


Diversity Toolkit for factual programmes in public service television A Diversity Toolkit for factual programmes in public service television

The Toolkit contains information on how to promote the principles of cultural diversity in broadcast organisations and TV programmes. 
It brings together practical elements (checklists, references) and good practice advice that can be used, applied and learned from.