FRA Opinion on the impact on children of the proposal for a revised Dublin Regulation

This opinion analyses the effects on children of the proposed recast Dublin Regulation. It covers child-specific rules as well as provisions relating to all asylum applicants that significantly affect children.

Where possible, the opinion points to the potential practical effects on children of the envisaged changes to the Dublin system, drawing on the results of the 2015 evaluation of the Dublin Regulation. This opinion does therefore not look at all fundamental rights issues arising from the proposed changes to the Dublin Regulation.

The opinion covers the following:

  1. Excluding certain categories of applicants from the Dublin Regulation and its impact on the rights of the child and the right to respect for family life;
  2. The impact of sanctions for unauthorised secondary movements;
  3. Procedural safeguards for children;
  4. Best interests of the child;
  5. Corrective allocation mechanism and fundamental rights.