Work Programme

In 2017, a Programming Document replaced the Annual Work Programme as the Agency’s single annual planning document. This follows new programming requirements for EU agencies according to the EU’s Framework Financial Regulation.

The new provisions aim to ensure there is a consistent approach between annual and multi-annual programming by combining both elements in a single document. The European Parliament, the Council and the Commission adopted the Common Approach on decentralised agencies in 2012. It has since entered into force. and the Commission has established guidelines for the programming document for decentralised agencies.

The Agency has prepared a Programming Document following the European Commission’s guidelines, providing detailed information on projects and activities that the Agency will carry out indicating the human resources and budget allocation.

The Programming Document consists of three sections.

  1. An overview of the Agency illustrating its mandate, working methodology and core activities.
  2. The multi-annual Programming describes and summarises the Agency’s activities. It provides an overview of what is expected in terms of impact according to the Agency’s six strategic priorities and thematic objectives as well as all implemented actions and initiatives.
  3. The annual Work Programme gives details on the multi-annual and annual projects that the Agency plans to undertake in the current year.

The Agency’s earlier Annual Work Programmes are also available.