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Annual conference of German-speaking migration lawyers

FRA gave a presentation at the annual conference of the ‘Migration Law Network’, the largest professional hub of German-speaking migration lawyers and academics.

The conference addressed fundamental questions relating to the future of migration law. FRA spoke in the panel on the role of EU agencies in the wider European context of migration management, revolving around Frontex, the European Asylum Support Office, FRA and other EU justice and home affairs agencies. FRA outlined its work related to migration, asylum and borders and how it contributes to addressing migration-related fundamental rights concerns in the EU. This includes evidence and socio-legal analysis on fundamental rights in migration, training and capacity-building activities, cooperation with other agencies and beyond, operational engagement on the ground, and future legal developments. The hybrid event took place from 13 to 14 November. Over 60 migration and asylum lawyers, NGO representatives as well as legal academics attended the conference.