From institutions to community living for persons with disabilities – perspectives from the ground - Summary

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights
(FRA) wanted to contribute to making steps to implement
deinstitutionalisation more effective, by capturing
concrete evidence of what is and what is
not working on the ground. To do this, the agency
conducted extensive fieldwork research in five EU
Member States at different stages of the deinstitutionalisation
This summary report presents the key findings of
that fieldwork and the FRA opinions stemming from

The fieldwork aimed to give actors involved in the deinstitutionalisation process – from national policymakers to persons with disabilities, and the staff of institutional and community-based services – the opportunity to share their knowledge, experiences and perceptions of what drives the process forward, and the barriers that hold it back. 

The main report, From institutions to community living for persons with disabilities: perspectives from the ground, presents the detailed findings of the fieldwork. In addition, the five national case studies that accompany the main report present the results of the fieldwork in each country.

This infographic sums up the drivers, barriers and solutions on the road to independent living.