14 December 2020

Launch video - Artificial Intelligence report results

How do we embrace progress while protecting our fundamental rights? As data-driven decision making increasingly touches our daily lives, what does this mean
for our fundamental rights? A step into the dark? Or the next giant leap? The time to answer these questions is here and now. Let’s seize the opportunities, but understand the challenges. Let’s make AI work for everyone in Europe…And get the future right.

Sometimes, one moment is all it takes. One second when technology changes the world.

Some of these changes are harder to spot but they’re happening now, all around us. On our streets, in our homes, in our pockets.

Artificial intelligence is here.

And with it, new possibilities we could never have dreamed of, as well as challenges to our fundamental rights we could never have imagined.

We’ve already seen that our data is a global commodity and that an algorithm can have unforeseen consequences.

But as artificial intelligence becomes an increasingly powerful tool, will it lead us to a golden age of progress and discovery?

Helping us to build a safe, healthy and equal world?

Or will it affect our societies in ways we don’t even fully understand?

Our data used without oversight and without safeguards?

How do we reap the benefits of a technological revolution while putting people first?

Building artificial intelligence in the service of our common values, without reinforcing our biases or revealing our deepest secrets?