Survey quotes

At the end of the survey, respondents were invited to submit in writing any further information about their
experiences concerning antisemitism, or anything else that they feel the survey should have addressed or
that they wanted to add. This page includes a small selection of over 3,500 individual responses collected
with this open-ended question.


"Some forms of antisemitism (especially in social media) have become so commonplace that they are almost accepted. These are the sort of things that you can’t report to the police or even to the media platform, but strengthen a hostile culture. For example, references to Jewish bankers, Rothschild cults, etc etc."

(Man, 40–44 years old, the United Kingdom)


“I never wear any Jewish symbols publicly and I always look over my shoulder when I attend a Jewish event. […] I only want to be left in peace and be able to practice my religion.”

(Woman, 40–44 years old, Sweden)





“I am really scared about the safety of my child who goes to a Jewish school. Every day I ask myself if I should send him to school somewhere else.”

(Woman, 30–34 years old, Belgium)






“I am confronted with antisemitic comments from colleagues at work. And I actually work at the police department.”

(Woman, 50–54 years old, the Netherlands)





“Laws and actions against antisemitism are not effective at all; even at the higher levels of State, nothing seems to be successful in fighting antisemitism.”

(Man, 70–79 years old, France)