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Stop this story – recommit to countering antisemitism

It was 75 years ago today that soldiers liberated the Auschwitz extermination camp. A poignant time to learn from the horrors of the past and build for a better future.

Today marks Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is when we honour and remember the millions of Jews, Roma, people with disabilities, gays and lesbians, and many others who were victims of the horrors of Nazi persecution.

Tragically, 75 years on, Jews in Europe continue to face persistent and widespread antisemitism.

FRA’s survey findings reveal entrenched antisemitism across society, particularly online. It leaves many Jews feeling unsafe.

Many avoid Jewish sites. And a high proportion consider emigrating because they do not feel safe as Jews in their own countries.

Antisemitism is so deep-rooted in society that regular harassment is part of everyday life for many Jews.

Antisemitism is commonplace, but many do not report incidents to the police or any other organisation.

Why? Simply because they feel nothing will change.

This sad but telling fact underlines the urgent need for policymakers at all levels to recommit to preventing and combating antisemitism.

Member States also need to take urgent and immediate action to support Jewish communities, and tackle antisemitism effectively and lastingly.

This has to involve a broad range of stakeholders, including Jewish communities and civil society.

It involves strengthening Holocaust education, celebrating Jewish life, and awareness raising to create a better understanding of how intolerance affects people and society as a whole.

Such education in schools is an important route to preventing antisemitism in the first place. Similarly, training public officials to enact and roll out prevention measures can help root out antisemitism.

Safety is also paramount. This includes keeping Jewish communities safe but also their events and sites.

Part of this is entails working with Jewish communities to encourage them to come forward and report incidents. Such outreach will instil in them a sense that policymakers hear their concerns and will act on them.

We all need to work together to find long-lasting effective solutions that will stamp out antisemitism.

FRA commits to continue to support these efforts by working alongside the EU, its Member States and Jewish communities and organisations.