Protecting civic space in the EU

Civil society organisations play a vital role in promoting fundamental rights, but they face diverse challenges across the European Union. This report presents FRA’s findings on a range of such challenges. The findings are based on research, and on two online consultations with civil society organisations, carried out in 2020.

The research underscores that the situation varies considerably across Member States. Yet it also shows that the situation in 2020 was generally more difficult than in previous years, often due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this reality, the research also points to some positive developments.

In this report:

  1. Overall challenges and opportunities for civil society across the EU
  2. Strong and active civil society: General developments
  3. Regulatory environment
  4. Access to and use of funding
  5. Access to and participation in decision making
  6. A safe space for civil society
Key findings and FRA opinions