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Hate and violence against trans people have no place in Europe

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Following recent deaths of trans women and attacks on other members of the LGBTIQ community in Europe, the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) calls on EU Member States to tackle violence and effectively protect all trans and LGBTIQ people.

These deaths are a sad reminder of the life-threatening dangers trans people and other members of the LGBTIQ community still face in Europe.

As the findings of FRA’s last LGBTI Survey show, many LGBTI people still experience fear, violence and discrimination in their daily lives.

Trans and intersex people suffer even more discrimination, harassment and violence than their lesbian, gay and bisexual peers. One in 5 trans and intersex people reported being physically or sexually attacked, double that of other LGBTI groups.

A project of TGEU (Transgender Europe) maps murders of trans people across the world. In 2022, it counted over 320 trans people being murdered. Most of them were black, trans women. In Europe, a third of those murdered were migrants.

To counter violence against and harassment of LGBTIQ people, it is crucial that EU Member States collect disaggregated data on hate crime motivated by sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics. This would allow them to see the magnitude of the problem and put in place measures to effectively tackle it.

To provide reliable, comparable data on the experiences of LGBTIQ people, the Agency is currently running a third wave of its LGBTIQ survey. We call on all members of the LGBTIQ community to take part in the survey to share their experiences, views and concerns. The findings will drive policies to further protect and promote the rights of LGBTIQ people in the EU.

In the meantime, the Agency calls on the EU and its Member States to better protect trans people and ensure they are safe in the EU.