FRA comments on the Presidency Draft Stockholm Programme

On 16 October the Swedish Presidency presented a "draft of the Stockholm Programme" that is to be adopted at the EU summit in December 2009. Following this publication, the Fundamental Rights Agency has presented the following opinion paper "FRA Comments on the Presidency Draft Stockholm Programme" available for download below.

The Stockholm Programme will - after the Tampere Programme (1999-2004) and the Programme of The Hague (2004-2009) - build the new multiannual programme defining the priorities of the European Union in the areas of freedom, security and justice. The Commission presented its proposal [ COM (2009) 262 final ] in July 2009. The FRA reacted with an opinion paper "The Stockholm Programme: A chance to put fundamental rights protection right in the centre of the European Agenda" based on the current thematic priorities of the Agency and inspired by the factual evidence the Agency's own research has so far produced.