Upcoming products in 2021

A list of key FRA products scheduled for 2021.

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FRA Calendar 2021
Date  Title Type
21 January

Strong and effective national human rights institutions: challenges, promising practices and opportunities ― Summary
All languages now available

29 January

Getting the future right – Artificial intelligence and fundamental rights - Summary

19 February Crime, safety and victims' rights – Fundamental Rights Survey Report
25 February Migration bulletin 2021 - 1 Paper
8 March Crime, safety and victims' rights – Summary - Fundamental Rights Survey
All languages now available
31 March Presumption of innocence: procedural rights in criminal proceedings Report
30 April FRA Opinion on equality in the EU 20 years on from the initial implementation of the equality directives
Summary now available in English and French
FRA Opinion
25 May Your rights matter: Police stops - Fundamental Rights Survey Paper
10 June Fundamental Rights Report 2021

16 June Coronavirus Bulletin #7 – Vaccine equality Bulletin
18 June NGO ships involved in search and rescue in the Mediterranean and legal proceedings against them - Update June 2021 Online
24 June Protective measures in the Employment Sanctions Directive: fundamental rights challenges and achievements Report
29 June Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2020 Report
7 July Encouraging reporting of hate crime Report
22 September Protecting civic space in the EU Paper
24 September Migration Bulletin 2021 - 2 Paper
28 September Updates on NHRI accreditation Online
11-12 October Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 Event
11 October Human rights cities in the EU: a framework for reinforcing rights locally Paper
11 October Compendium for practices on recording/reporting hate crime - update Online
12 October 10 keys to effectively communicating human rights Online
October Charter e-learning modules Online
4 November Legal aid for returnees deprived of liberty Report
9 November Antisemitism - Overview of antisemitic incidents recorded in the EU 2010-2020 Report
18 November Directive (EU) 2017/541 on combating terrorism – Impact on fundamental rights and freedoms Report
9 December Protection risks for unaccompanied Pakistani children in Greece Report
13 December Forced return monitoring systems - Update 2021 Online
17 December Migration Bulletin 2021 - 3 Paper
17 December NGO ships involved in search and rescue in the Mediterranean and legal proceedings against them - Update December 2021 Online