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Agencies meet for their annual exchange on rights’ promotion

FRA participated in the third meeting of the contact points of the Justice and Home Affairs agencies network on 28 September.

It brought together nine EU agencies working on freedom, security and justice (CEPOL, EIGE, EMCDDA, EUAA, eu-LISA, Eurojust, Europol, FRA and Frontex).

FRA hosted the annual exchange of agencies on how they respect, observe and promote the rights in EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter. This was the third such exchange since agency heads signed a joint statement on the implementation of the Charter in November 2019.

FRA provided an update and introduced the various new tools it offers amongst its Charter resources.

Overall, the exchange and discussion focussed on how agencies promote the Charter in their external activities. It also included an exchange among agencies that have set up or are setting up structures such as fundamental rights officers, fundamental rights strategies or consultative fora with civil society organisations to mainstream the promotion and respect of fundamental rights in their daily work.