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21 June 2019

Putting the UN’s Disability Convention into practice

Fundamental Rights Report 2019: Ten years after the UN’s Disability Convention entered into force, 2018 saw it continue
to drive advances in disability rights across the EU.

EU developments

  • EU institutions agree on European Accessibility Act to improve accessibility
  • EU funding proposals include stronger support for deinstitutionalisation

National developments

  • By the end of 2018 CRPD ratified in all EU Member States
  • 15 Member States reviewed or under review by UN Disability Convention Committee
  • In 4 Member States the Convention inspired disability strategies/action plans
  • Some Member States have initiatives to improve public attitudes towards people with disabilities

Tracking progress

  • Challenges remain monitoring CRPD implementation These include:
    • Creating a solid legal basis for the organisation in charge of monitoring
    • Insufficient funding and staff
    • Lack of independence
    • Fully involving people with disabilities and giving them a voice