National Parliaments

FRA regularly cooperates with national parliaments of EU Member States.

It does this is by presenting the findings from FRA projects and by providing evidence-based advice to national parliaments. Examples of this include: 

  • Speaking at committee hearings upon invitation;
  • Receiving parliamentary delegations in Vienna; 
  • Addressing interparliamentary meetings; 
  • Maintaining a steady flow of information with parliamentary administrations through a group of National Parliamentary Focal Points.

These National Parliamentary Focal Points are the Agency’s principal partners in the parliamentary administrations of Member States. They facilitate contact between FRA and members of national parliaments (MPs) and relevant parliamentary bodies in the EU Member States. Every year National Parliamentary Focal Points meet in Vienna to evaluate how the cooperation is working in practice but also to hear about the Agency’s plans and listen to the needs of national parliaments.

Increasingly national parliaments have been inviting the Agency to present its Annual Report of Fundamental Rights challenges and achievements across the EU during joint committee sessions or its findings from FRA surveys that have a particular relevance in the national context.

If you would like to know more about FRA’s cooperation with national parliaments, please contact: