Turkish delegation to visit FRA

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FRA event
On 8 November, FRA will host a delegation from the Fundamental Rights Sector Coordination (FRSC) Project in Turkey’s European Affairs Directorate.

The project aims to ensure that all sector stakeholders and institutions can constructively cooperate to improve fundamental rights in Turkey.

The delegation includes staff from different national Ministries as well as the Ombudsman and Human Rights and Equality Institutions of Turkey, the General Command of Gendarmerie and Turkish National Police, and the FRSC Technical Assistance Team.

It will introduce the project to FRA. The agenda will also cover expectations from accession countries, particularly Turkish institutions, regarding the institutionalisation of fundamental rights.

FRA will present its mandate, cooperation with civil society and stakeholders, the Agency’s networks, how to effectively communicate human rights as well as the criteria, procedures and benefits for EU candidate countries to become FRA observers.