Asylum and migration into the European Union in 2015

This Focus takes a closer look at asylum and migration issues in the European Union (EU) in 2015. It looks at the effectiveness of measures taken or proposed by the EU and its Member States to manage this situation, with particular reference to their fundamental rights compliance.

Various global developments in 2015 brought new – and exacerbated existing – challenges to protect, respect and fulfil fundamental rights. The arrival of over one million refugees and migrants strained domestic asylum systems and risked triggering rights violations, including by fuelling xenophobic reactions. But it also prompted considerable support from citizens and EUlevel initiatives, including relocation and resettlement measures.

The focus explores the risks refugees and migrants face to reach safety; addresses challenges with regard to non-refoulement and the prohibition of collective expulsion; outlines developments and possible solutions in the field of asylum; and discusses developments on the issue of returns.

This publication was originally published in 2016 as part of the FRA Fundamental Rights Report 2016 (Annual report).