Seconded National Experts

Seconded National Experts are staff employed by a national, regional or local public administration, or an IGO, who are seconded to the FRA so that the Agency can benefit from their high level of professional knowledge and experience. In particular, Seconded National Experts are welcomed from those areas where expertise is not readily available and gives the opportunity to the National Authorities to profit from the exchange of professional experience.

The Rules for Seconded National Experts are described in Management Board Decision no. 2017/01 (see the 'Downloads' section below).

Secondment is not equivalent to Agency employment, nor does it lead to employment by the Agency. The persons covered by these rules MUST have worked for their employer on a permanent or contract basis for at least 12 months before their secondment and MUST remain in the service of that employer throughout the period of secondment. The SNE's employer shall thus undertake to continue to pay his/her salary, to maintain his/her administrative status (permanent official or contract staff member) throughout the period of secondment and to inform FRA of any change in the SNE's situation in this regard. The SNE's employer shall also continue to be responsible for all his/her social rights, particularly social security and pension. The termination of or change in the SNE's administrative status (permanent official or contract staff member) may lead to the termination of his secondment by the FRA.

Seconded National Experts are entitled to a daily subsistence allowance and a monthly allowance, paid by the Agency, during the period of secondment.

The duration of a secondment to the Agency is of one year, renewable to a maximum period of secondment of four years. The place of secondment is Vienna.