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Explore further data from FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey

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Additional data from FRA’s Fundamental Rights Survey are now available online as part of the Agency’s data visualisation.

The survey provides comparable data about people’s experiences, perceptions and opinions on a range of issues that are variously encompassed by human rights in the EU.

Some 100 new questions are now available in the survey data explorer, covering the following topics:

  • awareness of a law that forbids discrimination against job applicants on different grounds;
  • police stops;
  • social attitudes towards different types of people, as well as agreement or disagreement with statements on immigrants and gender equality;
  • experiences with online services, such as banking, public services or looking for work, obstacles, internet use and use of smartphone.

The findings draw on responses from 35,000 people across all EU Member States, North Macedonia and the United Kingdom.

They are representative at the EU level as well as for each country in terms of people who are 16 years old or older and have their usual place of residence in the country where they took part in the survey.

The survey ran from January to October 2019.