Ukraine bulletin 1 cover

The war in Ukraine - Fundamental rights implications within the EU - Bulletin 1

This bulletin looks at the fundamental rights situation of all persons fleeing the Russian war in Ukraine to the four EU Member States neighbouring Ukraine. This is primarily in terms of the application of the EU Temporary Protection Directive. It is based on findings of FRA’s field mission to Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia at the beginning of March 2022. It is also based on weekly country reports prepared by Franet, the contracted research network of FRA between 1 March and 27 April 2022.

This issue covers the following topics:

  • Temporary protection
  • Fundamental rights situation at the border
  • Situation of children
  • Outlook
  • Annex 1 – National legislation implementing the EU Temporary Protection Directive in the four EU Member States bordering Ukraine
  • Annex 2 – Stakeholders contacted for information