21 June 2019

Migration remains politically charged

Fundamental Rights Report 2019: Although migrant arrivals to the EU continue to drop, it remains a divisive issue politically and
across society. Nearly 4 in 10 Europeans think immigration is more of a problem than a solution.
And nearly a half overestimate the number of irregular migrants in their country.

Rights under threat at borders

  • On average >6 migrants died every day in the Mediterranean Sea trying to reach Europe in 2018
  • There were allegations of unlawful push-backs at the EU’s border in at least 7 Member States
  • There were allegations of mistreatment by the police and border guards in at least 5 Member States
  • Those helping migrants are intimidated, risk fines and sometimes detention
  • 5 EU Member States continue to have temporary border controls at the EU's internal borders

Greater use of IT systems

  • 5 new regulations on EU IT border management systems
    • 3 of them extending the scope of the Schengen Information System - SIS II
    • creating a European Travel Information and Authorisation System – ETIAS
    • creating an Entry-Exit System
  • 3 legislative proposals on interoperability and on amending the Visa Information System
  • Biometric data processing increases
  • Plans to store data of every foreigner coming to or living in the EU in an EU-wide system

Responses lacking

  • 7/10 Europeans recognise long-term need for migrant integration
  • Refugees face difficulties in bringing their family members - this negatively affects their integration
  • Once granted asylum, migrants are given as little as 3 months in some countries to find suitable new housing