16 December 2021

Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 - The power of arts

The Fundamental Rights Forum is the space for dialogue on human rights challenges facing the EU today.


Where words fail, music speaks. This is music and this is integration. This is where integration starts being part of something and letting people in.

Girls and boys and men and women all together, everyone is different and everyone is a treasure standing for our rights. This is our demand.

And my goodness, how very effective drama and music have been over the last two days to convey human rights messages. Arguably, the most effective communicators of us all.

I am a European citizen. I must be judged by an impartial justice.

I have the right to answer. Don't you know me? I'm a refugee. I'm very famous. Do you read the paper? Every few days I'm in the newspaper, a refugee broke into a shop, a refugee stole something.

Life is hard for everybody, but especially for girls.

We have to do something today to make sure tomorrow will be more beautiful because how we talk to each other today, how we treat each other, how we interact with each other will determine how tomorrow will be.