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21 June 2019

Widespread data protection abuses highlighted by GDPR

Fundamental Rights Report 2019: 2018 was a landmark year for data protection. New EU rules took effect and complaints of breaches increased significantly.

Building stronger data protection

  • 25 May 2018 EU’s new and stronger data protection rules (GDPR) entered into force
  • By the end of 2018
    • 11 Member States adopted implementing laws before 25 May
    • 11 Member States, after
    • 6 have yet to do so
  • As a result, complaints of personal data rights violations have risen significantly - for example, the British Data Protection Authority recorded
    • 5,992 Breach Notifications
    • 14,996 Complaints

Growing security concerns

  • 9/10 Europeans said in 2017 that cybercrime is an important problem
  • 26/28 Member States have signed up to Council of Europe’s cybercrime convention – the only binding international instrument in this area
  • Diverse national laws continue to govern data retention pending new EU legislation

AI gathers pace

  • Most initiatives focus on the potential economic impact of artificial intelligence
  • 6 Member States did in-depth analysis of ethical impact, but only 1 covered fundamental rights
  • But legal challenges highlight the misuse of AI and big data