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FRA’s LGBTI survey dataset now available

The dataset from FRA’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex (LGBTI) survey is now available for further use by researchers.

The dataset contains a wealth of information from nearly 140,000 respondents. For the first time, it includes experiences of intersex people and young LGBTI people aged 15 to 17.

The dataset provides invaluable information on how the situation developed since FRA’s LGBT survey from 2012.

The survey asked respondents about a wide range of issues. These include experiences of discrimination, harassment or violence; rights awareness; openness about LGBTI identity; experiences at work and in education; life satisfaction; same-sex partnership and parenting; socio-economic and living conditions; health and wellbeing; and housing issues.

The dataset covers 27 EU Member States, plus the United Kingdom, and the candidate countries of North Macedonia and Serbia.

Researchers can carry out their own detailed analysis of the survey results. Academia can also use the data for teaching.

Interested researchers can request access to the dataset. The access is subject to agreement by FRA.

The dataset is stored with the GESIS Data Archive, a certified trusted digital repository.

The GESIS Data Archive contains a description of the dataset and accompanying documents.

The Technical Report that accompanies the survey provides detailed information on how FRA collected the data. The survey questionnaire is also available online.

The agency’s own analysis of the survey data and country data are also available on the FRA website.

FRA’s own data explorer also provides access to the data, broken down by target group.

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