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FRA took part in discussions on 28 October related to the regulations setting up the interoperability of EU large-scale information systems.
FRA discussed its business and human rights report with Members of the European Parliament on 27 October.
FRA presented the results of its surveys on Roma and Travellers in the Council Working Party on Social Questions on 29 October.
The EEA and Norway Grants and FRA discussed online their cooperation at their annual meeting on 20 October.
Angesichts der Covid-19-Pandemie verbringen immer mehr Menschen Zeit im Internet. Doch lauern auch hier wie in der realen Welt Gefahren. Viele Menschen werden Opfer von Betrug oder von Hassbotschaften im Internet. Anlässlich des Europäischen Tags der Justiz am 25. Oktober fordert die Agentur der Europäischen Union für Grundrechte (FRA) die EU und ihre Mitgliedstaaten nachdrücklich dazu auf, den Opferschutz im Internet zu verstärken.
The EU’s newly established Sustainable Finance Platform held its first meeting from 15 to 16 October. The Platform, based on a new EU regulation, consists of experts on environmental, sustainable finance and human rights.
FRA joined a debate on the legal control of algorithms.
The FRA Director participated in the EU-Western Balkans Ministerial Forum on Justice and Home Affairs on 22 October.
FRA held a webinar with representatives from integration and youth welfare authorities on 20 October on integrating young refugees when turning 18.
On 8 October, FRA gave a presentation drawing from its research on the fight against Homophobia and Transphobia at the launch of the Council of Europe’s Human Rights Education for Legal Professionals (HELP) Programme in Spain.