Ensuring access to justice for all children

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Justice With Children
External event
FRA will join the 2021 World Congress on Justice with Children.

The event runs from 15 to 20 November.

At the international opening FRA’s Director will address the talk about non-discriminatory and inclusive child justice systems.

On 17 November, discussions will turn to the European region. FRA will be part of the opening panel discussion. The discussion will look at the relationship between police and LGBTQ people, learnings from the Covid-19 pandemic and the digitalisation of justice for children. FRA will later present its research on child-friendly justice at a workshop on improving data collection on children in conflict with the law.

During the congress, FRA will draw from the Fundamental Rights Survey focus paper on police stops, its reports on A long way to go for LGBTI equality and child-friendly justice as well as its current research on procedural safeguards for children in criminal proceedings.