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FRA Fundamental Rights Charter training for the Committee of the Regions

On 19 May, FRA co-hosted an online seminar on the EU’s Fundamental Rights Charter for Committee of the Regions staff.

It was held alongside the Committee’s Commission for Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and External Affairs.

It outlined the history and content of the Charter. It covered the Charter’s added value, particularly in relation to other international and national fundamental rights instruments. It showed how the Charter applies in the national and local contexts.

It showcased FRA materials and resources, and gave examples from human rights cities such as Vienna and Barcelona on how they link their work to the Charter.

FRA spoke of its new framework for Human Rights Cities in the EU. This aims to inspire local and regional authorities to become a Human Rights City and make use of the Charter in their work.

Committee of the Regions speakers also presented hands-on examples on how the Charter is used in human resources, data protection and privacy and ethical rules.