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Human rights and counter-terrorism at borders

FRA joined a panel discussion on 14 September on the collection and sharing of information and new technologies in counter-terrorism.

The OSCE’s Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights organised the event. It brought various experts together to discuss the human rights impact of the deployment of new technology at borders.

Drawing from FRA’s extensive work in this field, FRA spoke about the opportunities and risks for fundamental rights, when deploying technology that process biometric data at the borders. FRA focused on the broader fundamental rights risks and implications, when inaccurate data is included in large-scale databases and when certain rights cannot be effectively exercised. These include the rights to information, access, correct and erase data.

FRA also highlighted a number of safeguards that should be carefully considered when deploying such technologies, taking as example the regulatory frameworks of the EU IT systems and their interoperability.