The duty to inform applicants about asylum procedures: The asylum-seeker perspective

A fair asylum procedure is one where applicants know their rights and duties, and where they understand its different stages. The right to be informed at decisive moments of the procedure is an important element of procedural fairness. Drawing on evidence from interviews with almost 900 asylum seekers, this report examines the information that asylum seekers have on the asylum procedure. In particular, it looks at the main source of information for asylum seekers, which type of information they receive, and when and how they receive it.

In addition, the report looks at gender as well as Dublin II issues. It advises on how the provision of information on the asylum procedure could be improved. While some proposals are of a practical nature, such as the need to provide information to asylum seekers in a language they understand, others relate to the revision or interpretation of current European Union law.

FRA Director Morten Kjaerum: "There is a need to improve and further harmonise the asylum procedures in the EU. A fair asylum procedure is one where applicants know their rights and duties. Read more in the media release (available in PDF in 23 languages)

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