Exchange of information

FRA and the Platform exchange information on their work and relevant issues:

  • FRA updates – the Agency informs Platform organisations about its ongoing and upcoming work. Platform organisations also receive advance information on upcoming FRA projects and reports on their thematic area of work as indicated in the registration form.
  • Platform submissions – Platform organisations are encouraged to inform FRA of their work, including about challenges they face in carrying out their activities, as well as promising practices that they have identified in their work.
  • FRP webinars - FRA hosts webinars about different topics for FRP organisations

Thematic input and strategic advice

FRA seeks thematic input and strategic advice from Platform organisations through a variety of ways:

  • Consultations – FRA consults annually all organisations for FRA’s Fundamental Rights Report, its work programme and civic space consultations; the Agency may also invite organisations to contribute to relevant online consultations on specific themes.
  • FRA events – FRA ask Platform organisations to participate in relevant conferences, workshops and other events.
  • Working groups – FRA may invite relevant Platform organisations to cooperate closely on specific topics for a certain period.
  • Expert meetings – FRA can invite relevant Platform organisations to its expert meetings based on their area of expertise and the meetings’ capacity.
  • Feedback and advice – Platform organisations complete an annual online feedback survey on FRA-Platform cooperation.

For related reports/papers/meeting reports, please see the FRP Library.

Connecting organisations

The Platform is an opportunity for civil society organisations to connect with FRA, but also with other organisations working on fundamental rights at the international, EU, national and/or local level:

  • Register – FRA’s website lists organisations registered in the Platform database.
  • Peer exchange – FRA organises thematic meetings, workshops and exchanges for Platform organisations working on similar issues.
  • EU-level exchange – every year, FRA meets with EU-level umbrella networks that are part of the Platform.
  • National meetings – when FRA is organising national visits or events in a Member or Observer State, it meets where possible with Platform organisations active in that country.
  • Fundamental Rights Forum – the Agency can invite Platform organisations to participate in FRA’s Fundamental Rights Forum, depending on the thematic focus and capacity.

FRA cooperates closely with some universities through dedicated activities or cooperation agreements.

Tools and resources for civil society

The following list shows FRA materials and tools particularly relevant to the functioning of civil society.