Upcoming products in 2022

A list of key FRA products scheduled for 2022.

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FRA Calendar 2022
Date  Title Type
Quarter 1    
15 February Strengthening guardianship for unaccompanied children Report
4 March Migration Bulletin – September-December 2021 Paper
Quarter 2    
7 April Handbook on European law relating to the rights of the child – Update 2021 Handbook
27 April Human Rights Cities in the European Union Guide
19 May The war in Ukraine - Fundamental rights implications within the EU - Bulletin 1 Paper
8 June Fundamental Rights Report 2022 Report
13 June Consolidated Annual Activity Report 2021 Report
20 June NGO ships involved in search and rescue in the Mediterranean and legal proceedings against them – Update 2022 Online
21 June Procedural safeguards for children who are suspects and accused in criminal proceedings Report
29 June NHRI accreditation status and mandates – Update Online
Quarter 3    
19 July Europe's civil society: still under pressure – Update 2022  Paper
3 August National legislation implementing the EU Temporary Protection Directive in selected EU Member States (August 2022 update) Online
9 September Forced return monitoring systems – Update 2022 Online
Quarter 4    
14 October Establishing national independent mechanisms to monitor fundamental rights compliance at EU external borders Paper
21 October The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine ― The broad fundamental rights impact in the EU - Bulletin 2 Paper
25 October Roma Survey 2021
  • Main results report
  • Questionnaire
3 November Antisemitism - Update of data available in the EU Paper
11 November

Putting human rights at the heart of Europe’s future - Meeting report

16 November Charter Trainers' manual (translation into 8 languages) Online
24 November Practical Tool for Guardians - Temporary protection for unaccompanied children fleeing Ukraine (Joint with EUAA) Report
7 December Compendium of practices for equality data collection – Update Online
8 December Bias in algorithms - Artificial intelligence and discrimination Report
13 December NHRI accreditation status and mandates – Update Online